Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adeline's 1st Birthday!

Tomorrow I officially have a one-year-old on my hands! Oh my word, how time flies! Why does it seem like I should still be pregnant? When did this big, precocious almost-toddler sleeping sweetly beside me replace my tiny peanut?

On Saturday we had her party, which went swimmingly (after I worked my butt off making it so!) and we had a lot of fun even with some seasonal colds floating around. It was a woodsy theme with a lot of D.I.Y. touches, and even had a tee-pee for the kiddos! My mom made chili (and provided a lot of much needed help), my dad made pies, my brother made a cheeseboard(see photos), and I made black forest cake, hummingbird cake, and all the decorations! It was a lot of planning for a party that went by fast, but now it's over! And my baby's one(almost)!  Party planning is so much fun, I really could do it all the time, so I can't wait for the next one... or maybe I can...she's getting too old, too quickly already!

<3 Katie (and the birthday bug)

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