Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby Love

I absolutely adore being a mother... every day it becomes more and more apparent that I was made for this!

I just survived my first couple of hours separated(more than a room or two away) from my daughter. All day I was half-dreading the moment i was going to be leaving her with her daddy to go to the first night of our small group Bible study(men and women alternate weeks, since we all have small children). I reluctantly handed her over, sleeping like an angel and full-tummied, with a few last minute reminders he obviously already knew("Don't fall asleep holding her!" and "watch her closely, she puts everything in her mouth!"). On the drive there, I even found myself talking out loud as if she was in her car seat behind me. However, once I was there, sitting with iced-coffee in hand, I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the company of my fellow mothers. This will be doable!

Of course I was very happy to come home to smiles and cuddles! Once home, I found out that she had woken up shortly after I left and, after playing peacefully for a bit, realized I wasn't there and started looking for me and crying... so my husband had it a little rougher than I did, but I hope that will just get better with time! Needless to say, I returned to a baby bear and papa bear who were very excited to see me!

...and now here I am, on a bit of a coffee buzz, typing this, with a sleeping angel beside me once more. I just have to say it again...I love this!

<3 Katie