Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving...all 4 of them

This past week we celebrated a day set aside to give thanks. This year it also meant a lot of travel and food and family. Starting off with Wednesday night at my parents, we ate and ate and watched the Muppets! My little muppet even ate some sweet potatoes, which was super exciting seeing that it was the first time she had eagerly eaten anything that wasn't paper or cardboard or a bug. My crafty contribution to the holiday was a felt feather headband i made for the munchkin to wear (I'm so thankful  she wears things on her head with no complaints!). Thanksgiving #2 was lunch on Thursday at my in-laws. With aunts, uncles, cousins, and two doggies to play with (she loves animals!), Adeline had a blast! There was also more sweet potatoes for her to munch on. She was worn out by the time we got to #3 with Matt's aunt, uncle, and grandparents. Adeline was a bit grumpier than usual but we still had fun and got home to get some sleep in before Friday's shopping frenzy with Matt's aunt and Adeline. Of course, we didn't do the 8PM Thursday thing, more like 7AM...which turned out to be perfect as far as parking spots went, we kept getting spaces right up front of every store. 12 hrs later, baby in tow for every single one,  we came home and i got to work on Vanilla Chai cupcakes for Thanksgiving #4. Saturday morning bright and early (and with my body aching as though I'd run a marathon rather than shopped the whole day before) we got into the car and drove to the Chicago area, to my aunt's house with the babe sleeping the whole way. Yummy soups, sandwiches, and treats (including my labor of love cupcakes that turned out pound cake consistency, since I forgot baking soda...oops) greeted us, as well as lots of my extended family (Matt was a trooper and Adeline loved the excitement). My oldest younger brother came from college and his adorable and funny girlfriend was there, too (come on, Michael, put a ring on it already). Adeline didn't sleep quite as well on the long way home, but, all in all, a great Thanksgiving week was had...and all my cupcakes were eaten.

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful time spent with family! Thank you so much for the most beautiful blessing of a daughter that I get to spend precious time with every day and who I get to introduce to the fun things this life has to offer, like family and holidays! Thank you for Your amazing grace and unending, unchanging love.

Now, on to the next holiday! I can't wait for her first Christmas!

<3 Katie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So, I'm starting a business... sort of:

Slowly but surely, I've been building up an inventory of baby headbands made from old t-shirts and other jersey material. I started making them for Adeline at about 4 months old, when her big ol' head had outgrown all of the store bought ones (her head was in the 90% at one point!). We were actually on our way somewhere one afternoon and I wanted her to wear a bow... so I whipped one up, out of the trim on a jersey sun dress. It was wonderful for her, no marks left on her head like those elastic bands, super soft and comfy,  and for me, she looked cute and girly and actually left it on! I kept making them (had to have one to match every outfit, of course!), and people started expressing interest and saying I should sell them. I spent the last couple months making a large variety. Then my father, a potter, offered to let me sell some at his Autumn sales, and at a craft fair w/ my mother. So a couple weekends ago my mother, Adeline, and I went off on our craft fair adventure to sell pottery and headbands... and it went pretty well! I didn't go into it expecting too much necessarily, so it was a pleasant surprise. Adeline did so well, too! She loved all the people (there was a TON of people) and got a lot of attention... if we had been selling "Adeline's" we would have made a fortune, for sure! I definitely heard "oh she's so cute, I want to buy her!", and variations there of, many, many times that day. She made it through the day without much fussing, which was perfect, since we were in a high school hallway filled with people and she practiced her new skill of waving at everyone. Now, this weekend, my father is going to try to sell some more of my headbands at another big craft fair, so I'm hoping that goes well, too!

<3 Katie
P.S. for some awesome pottery check out Darrel Bowman Pottery