Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh, Petunia! A Flashback to Mother's Day

Petunia Picklebottom has the most gorgeous diaper bags (and now purses and even men's bags!) in the most adorable prints and colors. When I was pregnant with Adeline, one of my big purchases (they are a little pricey, so it was a treat) was one of their Sashay Satchels and I loved it. My goal in diaper bag shopping was to find one that didn't look like a clunky diaper bag, but, rather, a chic purse, something I would be proud to carry around, and Petunia totally fit the bill! 

Fast forward to a little over a month ago (Man, I've been slacking with blogging!), I entered a Pinterest contest that Petunia held on their blog for Mother's Day. I created a board devoted to Mother's Day and, being a Pinterest addict, loved doing it! Seriously, if I could find a job managing a Pinterest account for a company, that would be my dream job!'s the board I made...

...and then I got the email! I reacted with screaming(Quietly, Adeline was napping...) and tearing up and re-reading it over again: I was one of five winners chosen!! They wrote the most lovely little blurb about why they chose each winner on the blog (that also made me tear up!). The prize was a Cosmopolitan Carryall and a matching Park Avenue Pocketbook, in the color of my choice (black and white, purple, or green), and was worth exceedingly more than I would EVER be able to spend on one item for myself! I chose the Key Lime Cream Cake. It really is the most amazing diaper bag with so many adorable extras: a coin purse, a changing pad that zips into the bottom of the bag, a wipes case...every detail is gorgeous, from the European crushed velvet, to the cute tag sewn inside with a vintagey pin-up on it!

I was predictably ecstatic when it finally came in the mail (on an already eventful day when I had done some fun prom hair and make-up for a beautiful girl, who was actually voted "best-hair" at prom, and totally wiped out on the sidewalk, scraping up my knees and elbow pretty awfully, but managing to keep Adeline, in my arms, from hitting the ground at all... crazy day!). Here are my Mary Poppins bag! :)

the prettiest slices of Cake...and my A Beautiful Mess inspired art in the background

Thank you, Petunia! I still feel so blessed to have been chosen, and it really was the best Mother's Day gift...well, second best! :)

<3 Katie

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sew Much Fun

Yes, yes, I know... I've been a bit neglectful of the blog lately, but I promise I do have a lot of posts in the works :)

On the crafty front, I finally got my sewing machine set up and figured out fairly quickly (thanks to online tutorials...) how to wind the bobbin, which was the part that seemed most daunting. My plan was to make a nursing cover (hooter hider!) and a diaper changing pad for a friend's baby shower, which I did (and could maybe do a tutorial soon?!), but I also decided to try my hand at a couple skirts, seeing as I had a bag of fabric from a garage sale just sitting there, teasing me. 

Yea, I went a little nuts...the blue one is from a men's shirt! I'm not amazing at sewing yet, but I think I did pretty well for a beginner, so far!

<3 Katie