Friday, December 28, 2012

Joyeux Noel - Christmas 2012

As snow falls softly outside our second floor apartment's living room window, I'm reflecting on all of the Christmas-y events of the past couple weeks.

We went to several Christmas parties with some great people, Adeline and I went to the Rotary Lights downtown with some of my favorite people, and lots of shopping for presents and crafting occurred.

On Christmas Eve, our church had two services that, this year, I happened to be very involved in: planning and on the worship team. Like most Sunday services, Adeline made it to the sermon or prayer during both services, hyped up on the music and energy from the special lighting, and decided, since it was quiet, it was now time to start talking up a storm! Luckily the hubby was there to take her to play in the nursery, since this time I was a bit preoccupied with everything else. Our theme for Christmas Eve was "Light and Love", the theme song being "Light of the Stable". It was such a blessing to see everything fall together the way it did and to be a part of it! It definitely was a great reminder of "the reason for the season"(as corny as that may sound). Especially after all of the recent tragic events around the nation, it was wonderful to hear about our hope for the future and God's unending love... this world with all of it's grievances and pain is not all there is!

Adeline's first Christmas certainly didn't disappoint! We started out the day driving to Matt's parent's house, and got to watch all of the babies (and older kids, of course) open their presents! Addie got plenty of new toys and Matt got Batman footy pajamas. After that we had Christmas #2 at Matt's grandparent's house, with more food and presents. Adeline was pretty tired and cranky by the time we got home.

Christmas #3(with my family) was yesterday. Adeline and I went over early in the day to bake cookies with my brothers, parents, and Emily (Michael's girlfriend, you may remember from Thanksgiving)...and boy, did we make a lot of cookies! Any broken ones (and, Honestly, some unbroken) were turned into zombies once decorated. Matt joined us after work for presents, Fievel Goes West(one of my gifts and a quintessential movie of my childhood), a game of Dominion (Matt and my gift), and Bezzerwizzer (a family fav).

Lots of memories made and photos taken with my favorite gift: a gorgeous and fancy Nikon Coolpix P510 (from Matt)! Now I'm already looking forward to this next year and especially Adeline's first birthday! Already in planning mode thanks to Pinterest :)

I hope you all had a lovely holiday, as well! And, Happy New Year!

<3 Katie