Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So, I'm starting a business... sort of:

Slowly but surely, I've been building up an inventory of baby headbands made from old t-shirts and other jersey material. I started making them for Adeline at about 4 months old, when her big ol' head had outgrown all of the store bought ones (her head was in the 90% at one point!). We were actually on our way somewhere one afternoon and I wanted her to wear a bow... so I whipped one up, out of the trim on a jersey sun dress. It was wonderful for her, no marks left on her head like those elastic bands, super soft and comfy,  and for me, she looked cute and girly and actually left it on! I kept making them (had to have one to match every outfit, of course!), and people started expressing interest and saying I should sell them. I spent the last couple months making a large variety. Then my father, a potter, offered to let me sell some at his Autumn sales, and at a craft fair w/ my mother. So a couple weekends ago my mother, Adeline, and I went off on our craft fair adventure to sell pottery and headbands... and it went pretty well! I didn't go into it expecting too much necessarily, so it was a pleasant surprise. Adeline did so well, too! She loved all the people (there was a TON of people) and got a lot of attention... if we had been selling "Adeline's" we would have made a fortune, for sure! I definitely heard "oh she's so cute, I want to buy her!", and variations there of, many, many times that day. She made it through the day without much fussing, which was perfect, since we were in a high school hallway filled with people and she practiced her new skill of waving at everyone. Now, this weekend, my father is going to try to sell some more of my headbands at another big craft fair, so I'm hoping that goes well, too!

<3 Katie
P.S. for some awesome pottery check out Darrel Bowman Pottery

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