Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nursery Craftiness

I have been working on Adeline's nursery little by little, and hopefully it will be done by the time she starts sleeping through the night. I still have her sleeping next to my side of the bed since she's breastfeeding and wakes up a couple times during the night to eat, but I'm hoping that once she starts solids (we're waiting 'til she's six-months-old), I might get a full night's sleep!

Most of the decor in her room so far is d.i.y. and It has been a ton of fun...I've painted canvases, strung bunting, decorated storage boxes, arranged books and toys and baubles...

I've been collecting a lot of pretty, vintage children's books to put on display (and read!)

Mommy's little helper, chilling in her crib

Some lovely '70's trim I am determined to use in at least one project...also i thought the tag line on the rust colored lace was hilarious.

I'll post some proper pictures when the whole room is done.
---Katie (and Adeline)

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